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Entry-level positions are among the hardest jobs to land. Competing against a roster of profiles that looks scarily similar to (gasp!) yours – How do you get YOUR stiletto in the office door on the first day?

  1. Be your own Brand Ambassador on and offline! Have a (positive!) footprint and be consistent throughout your platforms.
  2. If you landed an interview: You passed the first step. Now impress: Give examples, know your audience and show what you can do for them and smile.
  3. Don’t “talk” too much on your resume; it isn’t your book. Do highlight your strengths.
  4. Interview them as well and ask smart questions. They are choosing you as a candidate but you are also choosing them as an employer.
  5. Respond ASAP: to an interview request, a ‘Thank You’ post-interview or decline/offer.
  6. Remember Body Language! Have a firm handshake. Always look the interviewer in the eye, calmly, smile, be relaxed, comfortable. (No one wants to hire a nervous Nellie).
  7. Be yourself- No one wants to hire someone only to discover someone else in a month!


Christie Hill, Consultant at Strategic Objectives.


Movember was a hairy success of a month as men all over the world united to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, wearing month-long grown mustaches as their ribbon for men’s health.

Canadians seem to love their Mos as Canada had 118,862 registrants and raised a cool $20,383,969, placing Canada in first place for country raising the highest amount of money. You can check out all the Mo’money raised here.

While I can’t grow a hairy upper lip, the Movember Digital Challenge network’s Toronto team, MovemberTO, asked me to come in as a MoSister and Co-captain. Having just started at Strategic Objectives (SO), taking on a month-long fundraising initiative was a daunting task – but I knew I had great support from my Co-captains Sean Moffitt, Jeremy Wright, and Michael Nus.

What I didn’t expect, however, was the Mo’Heroic support I received from my new SO family and clients on the multiple fundraising initiatives our MovemberTO team spearheaded. Here’s the recap of our initiatives and results.

On-Page Donations: One of the ways that movember participants raise money is by encouraging their network to donate to their “Mospace” or Movember-branded online profile. Of the seven of people who donate to my Mospace, five were coworkers! In total, the MovemberTO team raised a total of $6,739.

Guerrilla Fundraising: The highly creative Michael Nus decided we should spearhead a guerilla fundraising initiative where we would have a giant, fury mustache mounted on a skateboard and offer moustache rides to raise money and awareness in a unique way. Dubbed #MoRidesTO, we had a local artist create the moustache, a local skate-shop donate the skate board, and a bunch of bloggers (and even a photographer) donate their time the day of the event.

When the team at SO found out what we were planning, they reached out to their clients to see if they would be interested in supporting the campaign. They ended up securing donations of 100 units of full-sized product each from Cadbury Caramilk and Stride gum for our #MoRidesTO initiative.

As a result, Sunday November 21, 2010 our guerilla fundraising team and its supporters took to Yonge-Dundas Square, where we leveraged the Santa Clause Parade crowds to offer $1 moustache rides and a choice of a free Cadbury Caramilk or Stride gum to the first 200 supporters.

Twitter Auction: The team at Dyson wanted to know what they could do to help and donated a vacuum, the ultra-compact Dyson DC22 Motorhead, SRP $749.99, which was auctioned via twitter over two days. In the end, Jen Evans was the highest bidder and in a surprising twist, offered to donate the bid amount and, to help raise more money, re-auction it! At $543.21, Kaleem Khan won the vacuum and honoured his bid. Thanks to their joint efforts, the Dyson Twitter auction raised a total of $1,143.21

As the month wrapped and mustaches were shaved, the world sighed in united relief that our men could go back to their usual hairy selves. I would like to thank our clients Cadbury Caramilk, Stride gum, and Dyson for their support in our fundraising initiatives. Also, I would love to give a huge thanks to Strategic Objectives which were the catalyst to this success.

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MoRidesTO Pictures By Carmen Cheung Photography


Matthew Ventura & Judy Lewis

Last week guest blogger and CPRS Student President Matthew Ventura, along with the rest of the CPRS Students embarked on their Passport to PR agency tour. We invited Matthew to share his thoughts and experiences as a guest blogger on ShowFangsPR. SO without further adieu, here is Matthews post:

Attention public relations students! There is a vicious rumour shrouding the PR agency world. It is said that agencies exhibit high turn-over levels and will ‘eat interns up and spit them out.’ This rumor alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of most budding PR students who usually end up settling for more comfortable corporate intern positions.

Public Relations students who attended the fourth annual CPRS Toronto student event Passport to PR on Tuesday, November 16, 2010,  learned first hand from Strategic Objectives’ Deborah Weinstein and Judy Lewis that this notion is not only absurd – it isn’t true.

As the tour group zoomed around SO’s long corridors guided by the infectiously charismatic Deborah Weinstein one thing became perfectly clear: SO is a nurturing and supportive agency environment where individual thought and expression is not only recommended, it is required.

The office enforces a strict ‘open door policy’ making even the most senior members of the team accessible to anyone at any time, and meeting rooms are structured in round-table formats so that no one is left out when team members bounce ideas off of one another.

As Deborah and Judy spoke about the importance of teamwork it was clear in their voices that it is essential to the success of their business. This philosophy became even more apparent as students glanced at the countless awards that fill the walls of SO’s main reception area – a monument of the tireless and dedicated work put in by SO’s amazing team.

The ‘Hallway of Hits’ – a corridor lined with news clippings and media coverage for the numerous clients represented by SO – stands as a testament to the sheer breadth of the company’s clients (from Body Shop lipsticks and Dyson vacuums to KFC’s Double Down – SO covers it all!).

The tour concluded with a fascinating presentation from Judy Lewis – whose passion for her work is undeniable. Students learned about SO’s unique approach to current social issues through strategic awareness-building campaigns. Notable programs included the Canadian launch of Fair Trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate and The Body Shop Canada campaign: In the Name of Love, STOP Violence Against Women.

By the end of the Passport to PR event students were left with very different impressions of PR agency life than they had going in. They learned that agencies can offer empowering and supportive environments where personal and professional growth is fostered, and they learned that the power teamwork can speak volumes to organizational success.

The most valuable lesson of the day? It all starts with a good handshake.

The CPRS Passport to PR event takes students on one of four specifically designed tours to public relations agencies or firms in the downtown Toronto core. Students gain first hand insight into the daily activities of a public relations practitioner and are given the opportunity to ask questions and further their learning in the Q&A portion of the event. The event is geared toward preparing students for the professional working environment.