Gezondheid! Sante! Cheers!

Posted: February 28, 2011 in SOstuff!, SOstyle!
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Cheers to you, beer aficionados of Canada! You now have a brand new, yet ancient, premium brew to whet your whistle! Our Strategic Objectivesteam was thrilled to herald the arrival of one of the worlds most legendary and unique abbey beers, Grimbergen Drubbel Draught to Canada on February 23, 2011; at a fabulous and exclusive Toronto VIP and media event.

Hosted by Abbott Erik De Sutter and Supprior Karel Stautemas—Fathers at the Belgium Abbey of Grimbergen, founded in 1128 who oversee the production of the premium beer and safeguard its secret recipe—more than 25 national and local traditional and social media types turned out to meet the Fathers, sample the beer and mix and mingle with more than 200 restaurateurs, bartenders and beer connoisseurs.

The delighted attendees lit up the twitterverse with high praise and warm welcomes for the Fathers of Grimbergen Abbey and its unique brew—caramel and toffee flavoured with a distinct brandy finish.

“Burned but never destroyed”

Built in 1128 as a Premonstratensian monastery, a Catholic religious order founded by Saint Norbert, Grimbergen Abbey was ravaged by fire in 1142; destroyed during the Religious wars in 1566; and demolished yet again in 1798.  The abbey was miraculously rebuilt after each wave of destruction. Fittingly, the Fathers of Grimbergen have adopted the phoenix as their emblem for Grimbergen Beer, symbolizing the perpetual rebirth of their abbey—a phoenix rising from the ashes.

It was a unique pleasure for our Strategic Objectives team to partner with the Fathers of Grimbergen and Carlsberg Canada to launch this historic and delicious beer into Canada — a rare opportunity to work with a brand with a complex and compelling 800 year history. It was a hugely successful launch that yielded truly awesome media coverage, a very happy client and a rewarding experience for our team.

The media and blogosphere was generous with their praise for the brand. Check out Sam Fiorella and Michael Nus’s blogs, and don’t miss this great article in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and other blogs.

SO here’s to you Grimbergen, welcome to Canada!  Gezondheid! — which is how you say Cheers in Flemish!

By: Andrew F Stewart

  1. @debweinstein says:

    That was an awesome, memorable day. Thanks to the Fathers of Grimbergen, our wonderful Carlsberg client and Team @SO_pr for a PR launch made in heaven! Gezondheid!

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