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The world belongs to those who understand it. In the social media ecosphere, we at Strategic Objectives believe those who understand their audiences best have the highest likelihood of generating the best results. PRs need to understand how to tell a brand’s story and make it speak to audiences so effectively that the message can transcend all platforms and inspire sharing. PRs are natural communicators, but even here, you really need to understand your audience to maximize results.

Everyone is trying to figure out user behaviors online. Once we understand behaviors, we can better understand how to reach our target markets and build the best and highly-engaged online communities for our clients. What if we were to say most gamers have never been to college? What if we were to tell you there’s a strong use of social networking in the workplace?

Social Media Today recently released some statistics on social media usage and its demographic landscape. The statistics are deduced from 900 websites that average 9 million visits/month per site and offer some very valuable, not-so-surprising and nonetheless interesting results on user data. That data can be found in the chart below, where we have also created a quick summary of the research findings.



Demographic Findings:

  • Social networking is dominated by younger generations with no children, and online networking activity picks up in college
  • Social networks are most popular among the youngest generation (18-34) and are used less frequently for each successive age group over 35
  • Youth ages 18-24 tend to use social networks to supplement social life, learning, and having fun.
  • The most diverse use of social networks comes from the 25-34 year old age group.
    • Continue to use the services they used in college, but less often
    • As they start to have new interests (business, family), they are most likely to use online social engagement to benefit their business/career, discuss or plan travels, and share family-related experiences online
  • The 35+ demographic show technological bias against social networking.
    • High likeliness of these age groups to use business, family, and dating networks
    • Stats also suggest that social networking’s popularity among youth may be not just be due to technological differences, but to a better fit of interests
  • People with college-level education tend to have a higher rate of social for participation with networks across the board.
    • This suggest the expanding network once in college
    • Also demonstrates there is a tremendous amount of information shared between students


Outlier Findings: Two categories break this trend

  • Gaming has an unusually high participation rate among people without college experience
    • Likely that a high percentage of gamers are young
  • Places has a very high participation rate among people with graduate-level schooling
    • Likely positive correlation between graduate school and income, and between income and travel.


Male VS Female Findings:

  • Gaming is strongly dominated by males
  • Lifestyle and family is strongly dominated by females
  • Dating, Places, and Business are used more often by females
  • Education networks are used most by males


Location Findings:

  • Strong use of social networks in the workplace
    • Distraction or sign of increasing application of social websites for practical purposes?

On April 8, 2011 thirty of North America’s top social marketers converged in Toronto for #usguysEH. The sold-out, first-of-its-kind dinner sponsored by Strategic Objectives and Hashable, co-hosted by interactive guru Sam Fiorella and SO President Deborah Weinstein. Leading marketers from New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Buffalo, Montreal and Ottawa made the trek to Toronto to meet-up IRL with some of the brightest stars in the twitterverse. Check out our video and blog post for all the details.

I’ve been swimming in the #usguys stream since it first appeared in the Twitterverse in the fall of 2010. A 24/7, non-stop twitter chat focused on marketing, social media and tech, #usguys has attracted a diverse and brilliant international community of tweeps who share info, opinion and virtual friendship around the clock.

With more than 1,000 participants, including many leading-edge social marketers around the globe and a constantly shifting conversation ranging from the hottest social media trends, tools and techniques to who’s doing, drinking, eating what — #usguys has become an incubator of fresh ideas and a popular hang-out for the socially obsessed.

The idea of creating #usguysEH, Canada’s first ever IRL meet-up in Toronto on April 8, 2011, started small, in the form of a tweet I received from @Josepf, an exuberant, hyper-active marketer and poet from Philly, who was planning a spring trip to Toronto to visit family.

“Great,” I replied, “let’s do a Meet Up! including @samfiorella, a mutual friend and #usguy I’d met IRL at #ungeeked Toronto last November and absolutely adore, in my tweet. Our convo was, of course, live in the stream and the die was cast from that night. #usguys around the world wanted in!

The who, what, when, where and how much it would cost to stage a meet-up were questions yet to be answered. But the why was very clear. We would create a unique, sleek and chic Toronto destination event starring some of the finest minds in the twitterverse to have fun, meet, greet and make connections that would optimize both our personal and professional lives.

Our original cadré instantly expanded to include @jackineccity from San Francisco, @mentormarketing from NYC, @rubymarcom from Buffalo, @KarimaCatherine, @Smartel and @exoporier from Montreal and @PeterfromOttawa. We had an international happening on our hands.

My co-host in #usguysEH @samfiorella created an awesome website to promote the event and sell tickets; my colleagues at Strategic Objectives, our Toronto-based PR agency, kicked in with sponsorship dollars and impeccable event organizing from logo development through nametags, programs and event-photography and videography.

#usguysEH was everything we’d hoped for. Starring 30 fabulous social media adventurers from the US and Canada, it was an exceptionally elegant and uber-social evening in Toronto’s celebrity hang-out, Bistro 990.

An evening of fine food, drink and a fire hose full of lively, trendy conversation, there’s little doubt that the round of tequila shots, interspersed amongst our one minute elevator-pitch #intros, helped loosen our tongues. A highlight of the evening included a prezo by Mike Yavonditte (@mikeyavo), CEO of #hashable who flew up from NYC with his senior VP Jane Kim, @Jinner13, to share his latest news. It didn’t take long before everyone was hashtag happy with #justmet and #nicetomeetyou.

An oasis of discovery, exploration and fine friendship set to flourish, #usguysEH was a unique opportunity to make it real in the social world and a stunning example of the power of Twitter to attract like-minded tweeps to form meaningful communities.

We are SO grateful to our @SO_pr PR pros @AndrewFStewart, @smichm, @mjovanoski, Stephenie Peters, @Sadiethefoodie and @judyslewis, Jim Colbourne and Tom Peterson in Production for their contribution to what was a truly memorable meet-up.

Deborah Weinstein.

At Strategic Objectives we love to meet the bright minds and voices we connect with online in real life scenarios. Not only have we learned a lot from each opportunity to spend time with our favourite online change-makers and status-quo shakers, but have made some amazing friendships and frankly had a blast every time.

A new Strategic Objectives team transplant to Vancouver, I moved from Toronto to start our @SO_pr Vancouver office last November and was eager to meets my virtual peeps, I jumped on the chance to participate in the first ever East Vancouver Tweetup.  The event, lovingly put together by hep kats Cindy Hunter (@Yelp_Vancouver) and Ajay Puri (@Masalapuri) was East Van cool from start to finish.  From the “you must be in-the-know to know how cool it is” Main Street Legion venue, to the hipster bingo that greeted us at the door with tongue firm in cheek, and the karaoke soundtrack, it was all about #EastVanLove.

Rest of Canada, if you haven’t been- East Vancouver, or East Van, as the locals lovingly call it,  this area of Vancouver is home to some of the best art, community activism and progressive culture in the city  (and arguably far beyond). It is a treasured community for those who live here, or those of us who like me are just fans of its cultural happenings, local shops, fair trade coffee spots and laid back hang-outs, and prefer to spend much of our free time there.  A place that, while affected by gentrification, can be seen working to actively protect its diverse multicultural fabric and working class roots.

I’m not sure if the Tweetup venue influenced the crowd or the other way around, but the above can also fairly summarize the Tweeps I was lucky to meet at the #EastVanLove event.  Socially aware, connected, engaged, leading conversations that were just as likely to center around mobile devices, whether “hipster” is a dirty word or not, as they were to look at the economic and political landscape in Canada.

We kicked off the evening by listening to war and Vancouver PD veteran Bernie “Whistling” Smith share some of his incredible experiences, and got a crash course in the East Van cultural happenings from photographer, web strategist, author and leading Vancouver social media voice Kris Krug, and a peak at Mainly Main magazine. Then the evening’s main attraction: hours of fascinating conversation with the best voices of the Vancouver social media scene.

Make no mistake, they speak geek here, and they speak it with authority. This after all is birthplace of Flickr, the home of HootSuite, EA, Telus, Abebooks and countless amazing established and start up tech companies. Although the technology sector is still young here, about 40 years young according to the BCTIA, its growth for the past five years has consistently outpaced the rest of the BC economy and in fact these days the BC tech sector employs more people than the mining, forestry, and oil-and-gas exploration industries combined.

So obviously, there’s a lot to talk about with the Vancouver tech crowd. Which is one of the reasons why I’m already looking forward to the March 23rd East Van Tweetup.

By:  Monika Rola, Strategic Objectives Account Manager located in Vancouver

Extra credit to John Biehier for the great pics.



IABC presenter and @SO_pr co-founder Judy Lewis gets inspired by Canada’s own Craig Kielburger at the IABC 2010 World Conference in Toronto.  Read more inspirational words from the conference here.

“PR is about getting out there first and putting your brand forward”  -Judy Lewis, Strategic Objectives co-founder

Live from the IABC 2010 World Conference… highlights from It’s a brand new day, a dynamic PR panel led by Strategic Objectives co-founder, Judy Lewis.

Shelley Simmons, Director, Brand Communications & Values of The Body Shop (US, Canada and Mexico)

“It’s not just about fundraising, it’s about driving  social change and PR is critical in supporting this change,” referring to The Body Shop Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign.

Jacqueline Ryan, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Director of Olympic Marketing

“The Olympic Torch made the Olympics relevant across the country…We have genuine and authentic relationships with the community”

Peter Morrissey, Associate Professor, Boston University College of Communications, and President and CEO of Morrissey & Company

“Build a brand with value and goodwill”

For more on It’s a brand new day, check out our interview with Judy as she prepared the panel here, and stay tuned to @SO_pr for conference updates.

The IABC 2010 World Conference runs June 6-9 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.

Toronto is buzzing with final preparations for next week’s IABC 2010 World Conference.   Don’t miss Judy Lewis, Strategic Objectives co-founder, as she leads a dynamic expert panel: It’s a brand new day.

IABC World Conference
June 8, 2010
8:15 am – 9:15 am
Sheraton Centre Toronto
123 Queen St. W
Register online at

Panel Descriptor:  Public relations is crucial to effective branding.  In this thought-provoking panel discussion with leading global brand communication experts, you will gain insight into the power of PR in building brand equity and achieving market success.  Learn how the power of PR can grow, maintain, protect, sell and drive brand image.


  • Shelley Simmons, Director, Brand Communications & Values of The Body Shop (US, Canada and Mexico)
  • Jacqueline Ryan, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Director of Olympic Marketing
  • Peter Morrissey, Associate Professor, Boston University College of Communications, and President and CEO of Morrissey & Company

For more on It’s a brand new day, check out our interview with Judy as she prepared the panel here, and stay tuned to @SO_pr for conference updates.

The IABC 2010 World Conference runs June 6-9 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.