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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

This week, these words truly resonated with me as the Strategic Objectives team seemed to beat with one heart.  Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself.

I have been part of the @SO_PR team for more than twelve years and never before have we done so many campaigns and programs within one week including two highly engaging launch campaigns: #MagnumHeir and #TBSDUO.

Ivanka Trump (above) hosted the Canadian red carpet launch for Magnum Ice Cream and Favourite Canadian Duo, Gold Medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (below), helped The Body Shop celebrate the global launch of its new Body Butter Duo.

Together, we juggled such incredible, simultaneous media coverage, events, celebrity spokespeople, blogger engagement, trending on Twitter – all at the same time!  Inspired by an awesome team of PR pros, this is what I learned from our high power, hard working people:

  • Have a “never say no” attitude
  • Never give up.  Never surrender.
  • Approach the day with fortitude and positive energy
  • Always demonstrate kindness with a smile
  • When the going gets tough…stand shoulder to shoulder
  • And when the week is done…Reflect, Rejoice and Celebrate!

I am SO PRoud to be part of the Strategic Objectives team that is dedicated to generating the best for our clients.  And boy…did we ever have fun!

By: Jen B, Account Director at Strategic Objectives


@SO_pr IABC World Conference Review, Part I

Judy Lewis’ session: It’s a Brand New Day at the IABC World Conference in Toronto was a huge success.  More than 150 PR Pros rallied for an 8:15 a.m. early bird session and it was standing room only!

If you didn’t make it to the dynamic panel presentation, it included Shelley Simmons, Director, Brand Communications & Values of The Body Shop (US, Canada and Mexico), Jacqueline Ryan, RBC Director of Olympic Marketing and Peter Morrisey, Associate Professor of Boston University College of Communications, and President and CEO of Morrissey & Company.  All shared insights about the power of PR in driving social change, building brand equity and developing brand reputation. 

Shelley Simmons kicked off the session with a presentation about The Body Shop Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign.  She shared a wonderful story about The Body Shop’s founder, Anita Roddick and the inspiration for this powerful public awareness campaign.  Before Anita’s death in 2007, she was passionate about raising public awareness of sex trafficking as she considered it the modern form of slavery.  To honour her memory, The Body Shop launched the Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign in August 2009. 

To date, together with customers, The Body Shop has raised more than $1 million.  Shelley explained that this campaign goes well beyond fundraising; it is about driving social change. PR plays a crucial role in supporting this change. 

Here are some highlights from Shelley’s presentation:

“It’s not just about fundraising, it’s about driving social change and PR is critical in supporting this change.”

“If enough people call for change, governments will listen.” 

“If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.” –Anita Roddick

Stay tuned for part II & III for more highlights from our dynamic PR panel.

For more on It’s a Brand New Day, check out our interview with Judy as she prepared the panel here, and more panel highlights here.

This May, Strategic Objectives and The Body Shop celebrated the relationship between art and beauty as part of The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Live Art Project.

The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Live Art Project brought shoppers and artists together to launch its new Eco-Cert certified skin care line Nutriganics.

At select locations in Toronto, shoppers could sample Nutriganics skin care products while local artists painted in-store. Artists Erella Ganon, Clementine Powers, Zina Chmielowski and Patrick Mifsud created some fantastic pieces using the theme “My Beautiful Planet.”  Passers-by took time to see real art take shape!

After the in-store events customers and art enthusiasts were able to go online and vote for their favourite piece at The Body Shop’s Facebook page. The winning artist was awarded with $1,000 in art supplies.  Congratulations to winner Erella Ganon!

IABC speaker Judy Lewis previews her session at the IABC World Conference and offers insights on the power of PR to advance brand momentum.

Why did you call your session: It’s a Brand New Day?

I believe it is.  The world has shifted.  Over the past 18-24 months PR has fundamentally changed. Simultaneous to the economy bottoming-out, social media and digital PR blossomed.  Today, it’s all about reinvention and recognizing the tremendous new opportunities and new channels available to PR pros.  

Public Relations that activates consumer engagement and conversation is critical to building brand momentum.  And, your calling card is brand personality – it has to be deep, strong, authentic, lively and compelling.

This session will feature master marketers who believe in innovation – and have proof that PR is fundamental to the acceleration of brand success.  Our panellists will demonstrate how their PR strategies have helped build and sustain consumer connections, and bond brands to their communities.

Who’s on the panel?

We’ll be talking with Shelley Simmons, Director, Brand Communications & Values of The Body Shop (US, Canada and Mexico).  Shelley is truly inspiring.  She will share her insights into The Body Shop’s powerful and brave Stop S*x Trafficking of Children and Young People Campaign.  

Jacqueline Ryan, the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Director of Olympic Marketing, is a visionary marketer who helped make the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Run such an incredible part of Canada’s history.  Jacqueline will share brand new insights into the story, success and results of the RBC program.  The Torch Run is a phenomenal example of strategic, engaging marketing – and PR played a critical and integral role.

And, a great friend and my Pinnacle Worldwide partner, Peter Morrissey.  Peter is an Associate Professor at the Boston University College of Communications – and the President and CEO of Morrissey & Company.  Peter has served as counsel to many CEOs and organizations including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Miller Brewing Company among others.  He’ll show the direct link between reputation and business success.

How do you see the session unfolding?

It’ll be 60 minutes of inspiration and insight into best-in-class brand PR.  We have a great roster of panellists, fabulous video case studies and a thought-provoking discussion planned.

You have been to many IABC World Conferences.  Is it worth the investment of time and money?

Definitely.  PR is changing, as are the skills needed to be an effective PR leader.  There is an ongoing need to learn, pioneer and advance understanding of new ways and new channels to connect the consumers.  The 2010 conference will provide many insights about the leadership role PR plays in the marketing and corporate communications mix – and in business success.

The Keynote speakers are usually very engaging.  The variety of sessions offer you access to new information, strategies and approaches.  This, together with the many networking events that inspire lively discussions with colleagues from around the world, creates an opportunity to revitalize yourself and advance your professional development and expertise.  You will definitely take away real learnings that you can put to work in your daily efforts to achieve PR excellence.

Strategic Objectives PR co-founder Judy Lewis is an award-winning strategist and celebrated international branding expert and speaker.  Judy will lead a panel of marketing and PR experts at the IABC 2010 World Conference, June 6-9, 2010 in Toronto.  Learn more about her session — It’s A Brand New Day — at